Introducing Pixel Water Park

Build and manage your own water park in a charming 2D world!

From serene lazy rivers to thrilling slides that plunge you into a foreboding splash zone, water parks are a great way to bring in the crowds and provide some fun for everyone. In Pixel Water Park, you'll be able to create your dream poolside destination. Build water parks with both indoor and outdoor areas, construct white knuckle flumes and satisfy guest needs with a whole range of amenities! Follow our social pages for the latest development insights:




The future of Pixel Park

Due in large part to the abundance of theme park simulation games released over the past few years, I have decided to shift focus from Pixel Park. Thank you to everyone who supported Pixel Park throughout the development process. The knowledge that I gained during its development will be used to make Pixel Water Park an even better game, and I do hope you'll stick around to see what the future holds. While active development for Pixel Park has stopped, the demo will continue to be available as a free download, and may receive small updates from time to time.

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