Pixel Park Demo 1.6 Changelog

Demo version 1.6 is here! Overhauled terrain system! Multiple saves! Topiaries! Words!

• New scenery items: Topiary (Cone), Topiary (Round)
• Multiple saves are now supported
• Redesigned main menu to support multiple saves
• Redesigned object selection menu
• Added system to upgrade old park saves if possible
• Overhauled terrain system:
     - Objects can now be built on raised terrain
     - Guests can walk on raised path/stairs
     - Terrain is now saved/loaded correctly
     - Updated tutorial to cover terrain manipulation
• Date and time are now saved/loaded correctly
• Adjusted how fast time passes in the game

• UI scaling is not applied on load
• Some text is not displayed at the correct size on load
• Walkthrough attraction end points can be placed over existing points
• Walkthrough attraction points can be placed on non-adjacent path

Watch the new demo trailer:


Pixel Park Demo (1.6) 45 MB
Aug 14, 2018

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