Pixel Park Demo 1.7 Changelog

Demo version 1.7 is here! Haunted House ride! New scenery! Ride auctions! It's spooky!


• New flat ride: Haunted House
• New scenery items: Gravestones, Large Pumpkins (Standard/Colourable), Large Jack-O'-Lanterns (Lit/Unlit)
• New terrain types: Dirt and Rough Grass
• New queue type: Natural Queue
• Added animation for Spinning Cars ride
• Spinning Cars ride can now be recoloured
• Rides can now be auctioned to other parks
• New background music track: Soaring
• Various UI improvements:
     - Object menu is no longer permanently open
     - Added collapse/expand animations to object menu tabs
     - Decreased icon size in scenery menu and added the ability to scroll
     - UI menus/popups will appear in front of others when clicked
     - And other design tweaks
• Ride ages are now displayed correctly in their info menu
• Scenery info menus now stay open when recolouring scenery


• Walkthrough wait points can no longer be added at the end of a complete route
• Fixed an issue where guest positions would update a frame too late during ride animations
• Fixed an issue where ride preview colours would be reset once changed
• Fixed an issue where animated scenery items would sometimes only partially recolour
• Animated scenery items can now be recoloured while the game is paused
• Info tooltip no longer randomly changes size when moving mouse
• Added missing UI button sounds to some menus


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Oct 27, 2018

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